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Movers USA

7 Azar Court Baltimore, Maryland
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Movers USA

4615 Hollins Ferry Rd. Halethorpe, Maryland
Phone: (410) 536-0914

Because “Short” Doesn’t Mean “Easy”

You’re “only” relocating your home or business across town – but you still have to pack, move and unpack a ton of stuff.

Because Short Doesn’t Mean EasyThe leather recliner, the conference table and all those boxes don’t know you’re relocating around the corner or 10 minutes down the road. And they don’t care. They’re still heavy. They’re still cumbersome. They still need to be carefully loaded into a truck and hauled, safely and securely, from one place to another. The “local” move can generate just as many headaches as the international move – which is why the relocation experts at Movers USA treat every move, near or far, with the same dedicated professionalism.

From our uniformed movers to our custom-built van and truck fleet to our detailed inventorying protocols, Movers USA — a proud member of the Maryland Movers Conference one of only 12 Registered Movers in the state — makes every “local” move our top priority, because your relocation is your top priority … even if you’re staying in the neighborhood.

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